Why WWE Should Not Turn Roman Reigns Heel

Many of the die hard fans of WWE are of the opinion that the WWE should turn Roman Reigns heel in the match against The Undertaker. But even if the fans are not willing to admit, the fact is that Roman Reigns is doing very well in his role as the innocent baby face guy in WWE. The wrestler is thriving in this role and seems to be doing well. So he should not turn heel anytime soon.

Roman ReignsLast summer, Roman Reigns got suspended for the first violation of the Wellness Policy. And during the time he was suspended, Smack Down and Raw, both struggled heavily. During the absence of Roman Reigns from the Raw, the viewership of the first episode dropped about 10%. And one of the episodes of Raw during the time when Roman Reigns was absent, had the 3rd lowest rating ever. Smack Down viewership suffered as well. One of the episodes of Smack Down during the time when Roman Reigns was suspended had the lowest rating in 2016 and another one had similar viewership results. And when Roman Reigns returned to Raw, the viewership number increased by 200,000 on average per episode. Surely it was not the coincidence and it was the depiction of the interest that people had in Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has again and again proven that he has a huge fan base and many people watch WWE just because of him. During the year 2016, Roman Reigns was a part of the 6 most viewed videos of YouTube that Fewere related to WWE. In fact, he was the main character in those videos and those videos revolved around him. Roman Reigns is once again proving that he is the main attraction in the WWE. His recent vieo related to the match against The Undertaker has got more than 3 million views. One week before that the video of Roman Reigns signing his contract with Braun Strowman got more than 1.7 million views.

What does this all mean? This means that Roman Reigns is doing very good as a good guy in the WWE. And if he is made to turn heel in the match against The Undertaker, it can backfire and the ratings and viewership of WWE can suffer.


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