Discussion about Elon Musk Net Worth and Cereer

Elon musk is without doubt among the smartest brains of the 21st century. He is an amazing entrepreneur and he is among the richest people on earth. He is considered to be very influential in the tech industry. Elon Musk has many companies to his name and he has brought a lot of innovation in a number of industries. Although Elon Musk net worth constantly keeps on changing because of the share price of his companies, we can very well say that his Total Net Worth Exceeds $13 Billion.

Elon Musk Elon Musk was an introvert from his childhood. He did not get along well with other children in his school and other kids often used to pick on him. Elon liked reading books in his childhood. And he spent most of his time reading books and using computer. Elon Musk developed an interest in computers and programming at a very early age and he made his first video game when he was only 12 years of age. Elon Musk was very smart and he knew that he wanted to achieve big things in life. He came to the conclusion that if he wanted to achieve something so big that would change the world, he would have to be in a country where big things were already happening. So he decided to move to the US in order to pursue his dream. Elon Musk net worth wasn’t high at that time. In fact, he was just another nearly broke teenage kid.

Elon Musk Net Worth

From his home country, South Africa, Elon Musk moved to Canada and then to the US. He started working on his passion and made his first company and sold it for a handsome amount of money. Then he teamed up with like-minded individuals and made PayPal which was also sold. By that time, Elon Musk had become a multi-millionaire. He capitalized on this early success and decided to go even bigger. He then set his eyes on space exploration, electric cars, and renewable energy. He went all in with his wealth and resources. He worked really hard and today we can see the results. Today Elon Musk net worth is one of the highest in the world and it is growing rapidly.


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