Nicole Kidman Total Net Worth 2017

thAccording to the details of Nicole Kidman Total Incom 2017, the actress has a total net worth exceeding $130 million. This puts her amongst the elite club of the richest actresses in the world. How has Nicole Kidman used her net worth and how does she enjoy her wealth? This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

Nicole Kidman Net Worth 2017

The impressive Nicole Kidman net worth has allowed the actress a luxurious lifestyle that only a few can afford and the rest can only dream off. Nicole Kidman has many luxury properties spread in different parts of the US. She has a wonderful house in Nashville, Tennessee. She also has a wonderful house in the Beverly Hills in California. And as you would expect, the actress has good some equally wealthy and influential neighbors in Beverly Hills.

Nicole-Kidman-108-1024x768 copy.jpg

Other then owning properties in the US, the actress also has properties in other parts of the world. Nicole Kidman has a beautiful house in Australia. She has a property worth $6.5 million near Sydney. This property is spread on total area of 110 acres. The main house of the property has 6 spacious bedrooms and the house provide comfortable living experience in natural environment.

One of the things that is often associated with Hollywood stars are the luxury cars. Nicole Kidman net worth has allowed the actress to be able to buy many luxury vehicles. The actress has some luxury sedans as well as some luxury SUVs.

Nicole-Kidman-Wallpapers copy.jpeg.jpg

Nicole Kidman has already seen the prime time of her career. However, th actress is still very much in demand and seems to be scoring big budget movies even today. The future prospects of Nicole Kidman net worthe seem very promising and it looks that the actress is going to earn even more money in the coming years and the $200 million mark seems very likely achievable for her. Who knows that Nicole Kidman might retire as the highest earning actress of all time. However, for that to happen the actress will need to be smart about her money and will need to put in a lot more hard work.

Source : Celebs-Networth


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