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|Born in 1978, Justin Bartha has had an amazing movie career. Today we are going to take a look at the [[Justin Bartha Biography]]. Justin Bartha’s full name is Justin Lee Bartha. He was born in Michigan in the United States. He graduated from the West Bloomfield High School in the year 1996. After that he studied at the New York University. Justin Bartha got raised in Reform Jewish family.

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Justin Bartha studied theatre and filmmaking at the New York University. He went to the Tisch School of Arts of the univeristy. After completing his education Justin Bartha started his movie career. However, his movie career did not start in front of the screen. Intead it was behind the scene. He worked as production assistant on a film named Analyze This. Then he made his acting career debut. He appeared in the movie named 54. In that movie he played the role of a club-goer.

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Justin Bartha always had big dreams and he did not settle for normal roles. He continued to strive for bigger things and in that pursuit he wrote and directed a short film named Highs and Lows. The film was co-produced by Darrel M. Smith. Up till now Justin Bartha has been a part of many high profile movies. Some of his best roles have been in very high grossing movies like The Hangover and National Treasure. Typically Justin Bartha is known to play a little bit comedic roles. However, the actor is good at serious roles as well.

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Some other movie of his career include Gigli, Carnival Sun , Trust the Man, New York-I Love You, Holly Rollers, The Rebound, White Girl, and Sticky Notes. Justin Bartha has also appeared in some television roles. He has been a part of the series Teachers, The New Normal, and WWII in HD. However, he is mostly recognized as a film actor.


Justin Bartha has been able to accumulate a good amount of wealth. And Justin Bartha biography would be incomplete without mentioning the fact that he has been able to accumulate around $22 million in a short period of time. He is currently having a great career and everything seems right for him to progress his career further and become one of the biggest stars in the movie industry.

Source : Celebs-Networth


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