Cameron Diaz Net Worth and Salary Status

According to a recent estimate the total Cameron Diaz Over all Net Worth stands at $120 million. The actress enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. In this article, we will discuss her luxurious lifestyle details and we will look at her car collection as well as her wonderful mansion.

Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Firstly, we will discuss the Cameron Diaz lifestyle. Thanks to the huge Cameron Diaz net worth, the actress is able to afford a lifestyle that only rich and famous can afford and the ordinary people can only dream of. The lifestyle of Cameron Diaz revolves around he work mostly. She spends most of her time in Hollywood. However, the actress has to travel to the different parts of the world for movie shoots, for brand endorsements and for participating in different ceremonies.

Cameron Diaz Net Worth
Cameron Diaz resides in a beautiful house in the Beverly Hills. Her house is spread on total area of 5000 sq. feet. The house is built on the English style. The main feature of the house is the living room with an open plan. One of the main things, that you will notice when entering the house of Cameron Diaz is the abundance of plants. The actress has made sure that her property is well surrounded by beautiful trees, and bushes. The house has simple landscaping. The pool is immediately next to the lawn. As per the details, the house was purchased for $10 million.


If you are a fan of Cameron Diaz, you must be interested to know what cars she drives. Cameron Diaz net worth allows her to purchase any car in the world. However, the actress knows her social and environmental responsibilities and likes to travel in low emission vehicles. Earlier she had a Toyota Prius. She used it for many years. After that she got the new Tesla Model S which is a complete electric vehicle. As you can see, Cameron Diaz enjoys a super luxurious lifestyle but takes care of her social and environmental responsibilities. She is a role model in this respect for the rest of Hollywood celebrities.


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