Cristiano Ronaldo Sponsorships Deals

DdRecently, at the end of the year 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo extended his contract with the sports brand, NIke. Among the most lucrative Cristiano Ronaldo sponsorships, the Nike sponsorship is one of the most important ones. Cristiano Ronaldo has been in contract with Nike since the year 2003. The player wears the Nike soocer shoes, Mercurial. According to the details of the contract, it is going to be a life long contract with Nike. The details of the contract have not been made public.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sponsorships

Regarding his sponsorship deal with Nike, Cristiano Ronaldos aid that he has a great relationship with Nike and he has great friends in the company. He said that he worked with the people in the company like a family. He further said that Nike was his brand. Although Cristiano Ronaldo sponsorships list is huge, Nike is perhaps the biggest crown in the brand endorsements list of Cristiano Ronaldo. The player makes millions of dollars via his brand endorsement deals with Nike. It is expected that the terms of the new contract would increase the Cristiano Ronaldo net worth further in the coming years.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sponsorships

Ronaldo has been crowned the best player of the world three times. He has helped his national team Portugal win the European Championship in 2016. In addition he has helped his former club Manchester United and his current club, Real Madrid, win many titles including Champions League, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more than 370 goals for Real Madrid and he is one of the best players to play the sport of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sponsorships

So it makes sense that the Cristiano Ronaldo sponsorships list is huge. And big brands like Nike are willing to have life long contracts with this incredible football player. According to many marketing gurus, Ronaldo is the most influential and most marketable athlete in the world. The Real Madrid superstar has more than 100 million followers on his Facebook page and he is the most liked person on the social media net work. In addition, he also enjoys excellent presence on other social media platforms.
Source : Celeb-Networth 


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