Lebron James Net Worth

Lebron James is one of the most renowned athletes in the world. He is a professional basketball players as well as an entrepreneur. Lebron James is an American national and plays in the NBA. He is presently a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers, an NBA team. According to reports the estimated Lebron James net worth is more than $300 million. Lebron James was also a part of the United States National Olympic Team that participated in the 2004 Athens Olympics. He was also a part of the United States National Olympic Team that participated in 2006 World Championships.

Lebron James Net WorthLebron James had a God gifted talent of Basketball. He started turning heads with his amazing basketball skills, when he was in high school. Because of his amazing talent Lebron James decided to skip college and join the NBA. Lebron James net worth can be credited to his huge salary from his team, his huge brand endorsement deals with various top brands in the world and his numerous business ventures. According to reports, Lebron James signed a brand endorsement contract with Nike for a huge $90 million. Lebron James has a number of records to his name and because of his amazing performances and overall personality,he is recognized as one of the most marketable players in the world.Lebron James Net WorthAccording to the details of the Lebron James contract with Nike, the player gets payed around $10 million every year for endorsing the brand. Lebron James has also endorsed a number of other high profile brands. In 2010 he signed an endorsement deal with McDonald’s. The player has also signed some pretty good brand endorsement deals with other big brands like State Farm, Coca-Cola, Baskin Robbibs, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Today Lebron James net worth is one of the highest among all athletes. We can expect the wealth of this incredible basketball superstar to grow at a similar or even faster pace in future. This is because of the massive star power that Lebron James has. And also because the player is one of the smartest individuals when it comes to business and investments. He has started a number of entrepreneurial ventures and it is expected that the return from those ventures will ensure an even higher net worth for Lebron James.


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